Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Send Out Cards

On July 9, 2006 I joined Send Out Cards under Jack Bastide.

I joined because I finally saw a system that made sense and had an attractive cost.

Jack showed me a system where you could send REAL post cards (**NOT** e-cards) over the Internet for about $1.00 each whose quality whas photographic!

I don't know about you, but I hated to go down to the dollar store or whevever, spend about 30 minutes to find a card that looks good and says what I want but doesn't cost $4-5 each, then drive over to the post office to mail the card and purchase stamps if I was out. Consequently, I didn't send many cards, and I was ALWAYS forgetting to send birthday, aniversary, and other types of cards to people.

Enter Send Out Cards. With Send Out Cards you put the names and addresses of people you send cards to ONE TIME, and if you fill out their Aniversary and Birthdate, it will even REMIND you when you log in when you have a birthday or aniversary coming up for someone! NEVER AGAIN will I forget my brothers Matt or Scott's birthday or aniversary! It is way too cool!

And when I found out that there is not only a wholesale account available but that I could actually make a referral bonus and get paid residually on those I referred, I jumped at the chance!

For a F.R.E.E. demonstration account which allows you to send 2 cards on me, see http://YourFreeCard.com.

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