Tuesday, October 31, 2006


This is Brad Pollina offering you greetings from lovely Saint Louis, Missouri, home of the Gateway Arch and the World Champion Saint Louis Cardinals!

My wife Lori and I enjoy suburban living in the North Eastern section of Saint Louis along with our two children Marissa (8) and Ross (4).

I got started in Network Marketing in 1993 when our landlord introduced my wife and I to an opportunity we couldn't pass up. We were attending Graduate school at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Spring break was approaching, so we decided to hop a Greyhound bus and head for Idaho Falls, Idaho to tour the facility ourselves and see if this company was for real! And we've never looked back!

In 2006 I found a wonderful Social Network called Ryze where I met Chuck Bartok who has become not only an awesome friend, but also a wonderful mentor and accountability partner. He introduced me to an off-the-wall man by the name of Joe Schroeder who taught me a principle that I've seen before in the Bible but never fully understood until I met him -- you have to "give to get".

Through our effective use of the system, we will be enjoying our new home way ahead of schedule.

For immediate info call 888 209-2809 and listen to Joe on extensions 7 (Joe’s JUICE call) and 37 (QUICKLINK system)

Since then, Joe and his "Quick Link " system has taught me the importance of building RELATIONSHIPS and FRIENDSHIPS FIRST by showering people you meet with freebies and small, inexpensive items as you get to know them.

For many it's the right mentorship that makes all the difference.

Contact me for a marketing consultation and see how the Quick Link System and my training can help you succeed.

Brad "The Abundant One" Pollina
(314) 485-4528
Come learn how I now leverage my time and enjoy optimization.

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