Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Meet Joe Schroeder and the Quick Link System

As I was being trained on the Send Out Cards system, someone mentioned on our Yahoo! group the idea of social networking sites and suggested I sign up for a Ryze account. (see my Rize page at http://bpollina.ryze.com/go/bpollina) I joined Ryze in July and met several good friends there.

But one man who stands out is Chuck Bartok. He befriended me and took me under his wings. He also became my mentor and accountability partner. He showed the excellent Quick Link program a guy by the name of Joe Schroeder created (see http://BradPollina.com) and how by learning how to shower people with gifts, you can ultimately gain in the long run.

I joined the Quick Link sytem in October of 2006 and decided to make this blog a chronicle of my experience and successes and failures.

So over the next days and months, I will be blogging about everything that I do including the good, bad and ugly, so that others may learn and so that I have something for posterity for my two wonderful children years down the road!

Please feel free to leave me any comments on any of the posts. I reserve the right to remove or edit any that I find inappropriate or otherwise.

Thanks and welcome!

Brad "The Abundant One" Pollina

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1 comment:

Chuck & Shirley Bartok said...

Thank you for the wonderful comments, but we know the rest of the world will be very appreciative of the Posts you will be making.
You are an inspiration and are so determined and focused. We can all learn from your sincerity.
Thaks for your friendship.
Chuck & Shirley