Saturday, January 12, 2008

PreSales Videos

In affiliate
marketing, Videos are HOT these days, but they’re much
tougher to produce than writing a few paragraphs of copy.

I was Wrong.
It was a HORRIBLE business model because there was very little of it I
could hire out to others to do for me.

I spent ALL of my time
making those films, which
leaves very little time to monetize them, and even less time to PROMOTE
them, which is of course the most vital part of an internet

For Every film I made, I had to:

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  • Write the whole Script

  • Create all the graphics

  • Record my Voice-overs in Audacity

  • Put it all together and adjust timing in

  • Add Effects

  • Edit & tweak

  • Save & render to flash

  • Export to desktop

  • Upload to Server

  • Integrate with Wordpress to display on the page

  • Test, adjust, test, publish etc…

It was a nightmare! I CERTAINLY wasn’t making my
time’s worth back for
all that work. Even with the most lucrative affiliate program on Earth,
I still wouldn’t have broken even, considering my lack of
time to
promote it!

All the while, I know that
video converts better
than anything else on the web, especially when it properly pre-sells
the viewers before they hit a landing page. I’ve seen Oodles
statistics showing that such pre-selling with video can raise a 2%
conversion rate to above 10%!

Still, I’m just
too lazy to do all that video
production myself, no matter how good the conversion rate becomes.
not the first to feel like this, either. The guys behind PreSale Videos
know exactly how I feel.

In case you
haven’t heard of my friend Todd Gross
yet, he was a TV weatherman and the real life inspiration for the
blockbuster film “The Perfect Storm.” He was doing
quite well
financially on his own before coming over to internet marketing, but
now he’s doing even better.

Since he’s been
around cameras and video equipment
all of his adult life, and is so photogenic from being a TV personality
for all those years, he simply put two and two together and decided
that he was the right guy to create Pre-sales videos for affiliates to

So do they work well?

Yes, they are GREAT at converting your prospects…
You’ve got to see
some of these videos, they really are just what is needed to get the
best possible conversion rates on your affiliate promotions.

He’s popping them
out at a rate of about one video
(and therefore one affiliate product) per week. At the time of this
writing he’s got 17 videos to choose from in the membership
(Listed below.)

Members can use any
& all of the videos, either
by embedding them in their own websites, or using their free remote
hosting to send traffic to via a link they give you. Either way, your
affiliate link gets placed on the page with your film. It’s
professional looking.

Inside their membership
area, for each film is a
button to view it, your link to your page viewing it, and the embedding
code so you can slap it into your own page. Even if you let your
membership run out, you can still watch all the films there and two of
them even stay active for you to promote forever!

But the best part is that as valuable as this service is, Todd and
Derrick are giving away the first week to you for Free!

They want to make sure that
you make money with them
first BEFORE you pay them one red cent. It’s a great way for
you to
make some fast cash and decide if it’s the right affiliate
strategy for

So which affiliate products have they made films on so far?

All are proven converters:

  • Atomic Blogging

  • My Viral Pop Ads

  • Tellman’s List Building Club

  • Site Builder Elite

  • Viral URL

  • Project Quick Cash (Which you KNOW converts well
    or I wouldn’t rave about it myself!)

  • Newbie Affiliate Secrets

  • Blogging to The Bank (One of the best converting
    products of all time, still going strong!)

  • Zero Effort Graphics

  • Profit From Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate Elite (Brad & Matt
    Callen’s latest blockbuster)

  • 15K in 7 Days

  • Affiliate Cash Secrets

  • My Marketing Goldmine

  • Adsense Domination

  • Free Monthly Gifts (Todd’s other great

  • And PreSale Videos itself, of course!

As you can see, all the
products so far are in or
near the largest, most lucrative niche market online, Internet
Marketing. (IM2IM) If you have a way to drive such traffic to your
offer page they give you (and that includes free safelists and
listbuilding services!) then you’ll be making money, period.

The Proof is in the pudding…

Well, I’m not
exactly sure what that means exactly,
but at any rate I couldn’t resist trying out a video for a
week just to
find out what kind of conversion rates I would get.

I used three FREE traffic resources, and sent out several messages
until I got 200 clickthrus, which took
less than a week. (One mailing a day to each times 5 days should be
enough for anyone with any writing skills, but it only took me three.)

If you know anything about
free list-builder
services then you know that their traditional conversion rate is VERY
LOW. Usually less than 1/2 of 1% ever buy anything… In fact,
they are
not much better than safelists at all in their conversion rates.

Out of the 200 that landed
on the page Todd and
Derrick hosted there, SIXTY EIGHT people clicked through to the
product’s sales page, (that’s a 34%
pre-conversion!) and ultimately 8 of them

Yes, Eight out of 200
overall is only a 4%
conversion ratio, however, consider the source of the traffic! If I had
just written some better-than average sales copy and sent it out to
those same list builders, I’d only expect at most just ONE
sale… So
this effectively multiplied my conversion rates TIMES EIGHT!

(Not to mention, they did all the hard work for me.)

So the bottom line on
PreSale Videos is that you
still need to drive some traffic, but they’re easy to use,
and they
simply WORK. I have no reservation in thinking that each of you can
make some great money using this system, ongoing forever!

So Click Here to try
PreSale Videos FREE for 7 days!

Brad Pollina
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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Newbie Blogging Moron Tells Blogosphere What's What

I'm evaluating a multi-media course on blogging from the folks at Simpleology. For a while, they're letting you snag it for free if you post about it on your blog.

It covers:

  • The best blogging techniques.
  • How to get traffic to your blog.
  • How to turn your blog into money.

I'll let you know what I think once I've had a chance to check it out. Meanwhile, go grab yours while it's still free.

Brad Pollina
Your Good News Merchant
Come learn how I am buying my life back.
(314) 485-4528