Sunday, December 17, 2006

Is it really all about you?

Is it really all about you?

I want to Thank Clay Page from EVERYTHING FOR SUCCESS for the ideas expressed below. Clay has managed to assemble a Community dedicated to Relationship Building, which leads to Client Building, yielding to Satisfactory Commerce.

... your success is in your hands...

... and not the product or service.

If you are really serious about making money using the Internet or a home based business, you'll embrace that your success has NOTHING to do with the products or service you're promoting.

Is it really all about you?

Your business is not based on the program or product you're associated with, so don't believe companies who boast their product or service is going to change the world and people will be rushing to get their hands on it, and somehow, that equates to YOUR SUCCESS!


People buy from people, personal interaction, an interest shared, and if you don't believe 99% of your success is all about people, and you're in the center, then I guarantee you are NOT enjoying the success you could.

Do you know the facts?
There are three critical steps to success, and each one must be visited in a sequence of time frames for things to happen. If you don't believe it and practice it, then you're in denial about making money on- or off-line, period.

As a member of EFS, those three critical steps and principles are shared with ALL members, free or subscriber, and there's no excuse for the lack of greater success when you embrace HOW success evolves, and, WHERE.

As the old saying goes ...

... a dash of salt is what really makes the dish.

The same holds true when you discover how powerful these three steps and principles really are, and then, and only then, you'll understand the reason why affiliate and MLM opportunities DO NOT want you to understand and practice these steps......

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