Sunday, November 12, 2006


This weekend we traveled some 500 miles round trip to be with my family as we witnessed the baptism of my brother's daughter Tessa Niccolette Pollina.

From left to right, back to front are:
My brother Matt Pollina
His girlfriend Carolyn Robinson
My mother Joyce Pollina (blocked)
My father Lee Pollina
Carolyn's daughters Peyton and Haley
Tessa being baptised
The Priest.

After experiencing the baptism and listening to Joe Schroeder's Inner Circle call tonight at 7:57 PM EST, I have several things I learned:

  • Relationships are key! They can give you access that the common laborer and lobyist can only dream of.
  • It's not always what you do, it is who you know.
  • Winners follow THROUGH vs. follow UP
  • Serve others. Put your ego aside!

So how are you doing with your relationship building?

Comments welcome.

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Chuck & Shirley Bartok said...

What a fantastic Post. In this day of "hurry up get it done", off to the next; it is such a joy to see the Family and the realization that A Rich life is only that with Realtionships. How could anyone Market with out them. More Relationships, more Success