Friday, November 17, 2006

I have a confession to make

Hello Everyone!

I have a confession to make.

Bernard Shaw once remarked "If you teach a man anything he will never learn"

We do inded learn by DOING. And that is my confession. I've been so caught up lately in the getting ready to get ready (making sure the back end stuff is in place and working like auto responders, post cards, stamps, etc.) and not really spending enough time DOING.

By DOING, I mean actually calling people and getting to know them! Remember with this system, the principle is FRIENDS FIRST! We are to get to know them and what they need before we even begin to "sell" anything.

Since the start I've been doing on average 5 calls per day. If I get a ring no answer or voicemail, I send them a postcard which leads them to opt into my lead capture page. This also triggers an email for me to send them my 16 page booklet. If I get them on the phone, I confirm the address and send them the booklet.

But I'm so nervous and scared on the phone sometimes I almost HOPE that they are not home so I don't have to talk to them! And that is definitely NOT the way to grow a business! So in the words of Dani Johnson, I need to just "get over it!" and smile and dial!

Better said than done, unfortunately.

Anyone have any good pointers?

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