Thursday, November 09, 2006

Consistency is the key

So what did you do today?

Each and every weekday I do the following:

1) Call 5 new leads from here
2) Send each contact an email letting them know a postcard is in the mail.
3) Actually mail my voicemails and ring no answers a postcard.
4) For those I reach live, I confirm the address and send my 16 page booklet available here
5) I then set a followup phone call for 1 week.

Once all that is done I then recall those I mailed last week, so on Mondays I call the postcards that went out Last Monday for example.

This may not sound like much, but two things I do are different:

1) I actually CALL those I email
2) I also send them a REAL post card.

Most people load up an autoresponder with 2,000+ purchased names and broadcast out, hoping for a 1-2% response rate to a page that sells them something directly.

WE are different!

We focus on getting to know the people we contact and giving them access to F.R.E.E. content along the way like MP3s, e-books and conference calls.

Remember it is much better to give first than to get.

Brad "The Abundant One" Pollina
(314) 485-4528
Come learn how I now leverage my time and enjoy optimization.

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