Monday, November 06, 2006

Are you on Ryze yet?

Are you on Ryze yet?

I am on several different communities on Ryze including MLM For Serious Networkers , Send Out Cards, Men Working from Home, and Heart of Parenting.

On Ryze you can meet all different types of people and learn quite a bit.

I just happened to post an idea on one of the boards and one lady ended up contacting me for more information! I called her yesterday (Sunday) and gave her a demonstration of Send Out Cards that evening. She liked it a lot but wants to see the quality of the card first. As I always do, I sent her a "thank you" card which should arrive mid week. We agreed to follow up next Sunday.

Cost to get this lead? Only my TIME.

How about you? Are YOU on Ryze?

Comments welcome.
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