Sunday, April 08, 2007

Associate with Successful People

Do YOU tend to hang out with successful people, or with unsuccessful people? Or do you not hang out with anyone at all?

My wife and I have been a part of a wonderful mastermind group over here on Talk Shoe. Feel free to give our previously recorded calls a listen.

Birds of a feather flock together. The rich associate with successful people; the poor often associate with unsuccessful people. Energy is contagious. If you want to fly with the eagles, you'll have to stop swimming with the ducks!

- From T. Harv Ecker's Secrets of the Millionaire Mind cards

So I ask you, do YOU swim with the ducks, or soar with the Eagles?

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Evan Carmichael said...

Great Post! I write a blog on Mastermind Groups and made your entry one of our Mastermind Group Links of the Day!

Keep up the great work!


Brad Pollina said...

Thanks, Evan! I really appreciate it. Your site looks awesome! Keep up the great work!